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Man Fixing Stock Cars Causing Noise Pollution

Reported anonymously at 15:57, Sun 6 November 2016

Sent to Merton Borough Council 3 minutes later

A Man, in recent years, has for some reason started working on beaten-up stock cars in the middle of a housing area. He (and sometimes a couple of helpers) have been causing a disturbance in the peace with day-long noises of revving, banging, drilling and other irritating sounds whilst fixing these cars. Recently, he has taken up yet another parking space with another of his stock cars, revving even louder. Neighbors have all had enough of noise pollution enough with frequent motorbikers and we'd appreciate if this person could move his work into a garage or other area where the noise is away from housing, where the most noise occurs on weekends when everyone is trying to relax.

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  • Still open, via questionnaire, 16:42, Sun 4 December 2016

  • Still no end to this person's constant noise. This has to be against some sort of rules. He hasn't informed any surrounding Neighbours in advance about the noise he makes so the Man clesrly doesn't show any consideration for others.

    The fact he's essentially taken up shop at the side of a road in a Residential Area is ridiculous and completely ignorant to everyone who wants to have some peace and quiet when in their homes.

    Posted anonymously at 16:53, Fri 17 February 2017

  • This Man fixes Cars outside someone else's Houses and takes up more than two spaces with his Tow Truck, the stock car he's fixing at that point in time and his own car. I'm really getting sick of the constant noise. Drilling, revving, general scratchy metal sounds. He also drives onto someone else's driveway and blocks the road entirely with his Tow Truck when putting a stock car temporarily into his own driveway. I watched a Car sit there for a solid five minutes just waiting for the guy to UNLOAD the stock car from his truck tow truck (which seems to not be such a safe Tow Truck as I watched the front lift and bounce as the stock car was being taken off the back).

    Posted anonymously at 16:12, Fri 24 February 2017

  • When you say neighbours are getting fed up with the noise I hope you don't think your speaking for the whole street as I live down this road too and I personally can't see an issue! Your making it seem like The man in question is out at all hours making noise... it's usually once or twice a week most the time he's not even out there! Yes he does have a tow truck parked on the street but that it 100% legal and having a car on the back is too! Hes always done his car either on his truck or driveway, and it's all purely for a hobby nothing more! There's a big van that comes down this road dropping people off and that sometimes blocks a driveway as well, is that to an issue? Why not try speaking to the guy in question as I have and he a lovely lad just doing what he enjoys, I'd rather this than having the problems we've had before down this street with people selling drugs and also growing them!

    Posted anonymously at 08:44, Tue 21 March 2017

  • This guy is a problem. I'm another neighbour who hates all the nosie he causes and all the parking spaces he keeps taking up. He could be the nicest person in the world but that doesn't mean he's also the most considerate. Sound pollution is such an annoyance and the he takes up so much room with his "hobby", as the above update calls it, meaning even less parking spaces for the people living in the houses he's plopped his broken cars in front of. Legal or not, that's called being inconsiderate. This geezer needs a garage or some place quieter. This housing area is not a garage. It is a home to many people who want some peace and quiet. He should know better if he was a "lovely lad".

    Posted anonymously at 09:38, Tue 21 March 2017

  • I'm a neighbour down this road too, Could you explain to me how the cars are broken? When he has a truck that drives and a car that also drives? There is no "broken cars" parked anywhere on the road as that is illegal and they would be towed away which seeing as you know so much you would know this also! I don't understand the fact you have to write things on here when you could just speak to the person in question! If this person was taking things to extreme he would be out everyday doing something,like today as it's a lovely day and I can't hear any noise or see anything being done that shouldn't! Having 1 car parked on a truck is hardly using the housing area as a garage! I'm sure if he could afford to have a garage he would but as like it's been stated it's a hobby it's not worth paying for a garage! This man could be the nicest person or the most horrible person in the world but what he's doing isn't illegal and if he wasn't considerate he would be out at all hours doing whatever it is he's doing it just seems people like to moan about anything! Half the people moaning about parking spaces round here Don't even drive, maybe if people didn't complain so much there wouldn't have been all theses yellow lines put in and there would be more spaces to park!

    Posted anonymously at 10:10, Tue 21 March 2017

  • All the car that are parked in the street have road tax and insured and are all road worthy with a mot. So if all you sad people are feed up go speak with the family ,and yes he is a lovely lad , and in my eye's not once has this ( Geezer) parked a broken vehicle on a public roadway . Also could somebody tell me what general scratchy metal sounds ,sounds like because I would like to hear that. Now going back to parking when a large minibus parks across people's drives to visit people is that not inconsiderate So sad people go speak with the family. face to face.

    Posted anonymously at 10:19, Tue 21 March 2017

  • I'm the "geezer" you are all going on about I have a full time job and this is my hobby, yes I do make noise when I have to not all the time because I'm working,if I have a day off yes I do work on my cars which I'm aloud to do as I asked certain people if I can and guess what they said I can from 8am till 6pm which is the same as a builder,which is never the case as I have kids and I try to think of others! the parking isn't an issue because there all road worthy. to say unloading a car and the truck moved or lifted its meant to or it would break it has suspension! if u have a problem please come talk to me Iam approachable I'd rather you spoke than do this on here! if I could rent a garage I would but all to expensive if you would like to help fund it I'd much appreciate it! the helpers I have are kids from around the area that like the cars and want to do it, its helped them as there not running the streets doing stuff they shouldn't! I've had no problems up till now so I'm not sure what your problem is! I wasn't aware that having 2 road legal vehicles parked on the road was a problem as most houses round here have more than one car!

    Posted by James at 10:53, Tue 21 March 2017

  • And 1 more thing I don't own a motorbike or use 1 so that ain't me by the way

    Posted anonymously at 10:56, Tue 21 March 2017

  • Oh my god what small minded people you really are. Have you nothing better to do with you time than to moan about other people. Surely there are more important things to do than post rubbish on theses sites. Maybe you could all get jobs or better still try speaking to the person. I must say though you have kept me entertained all morning I never realised such people existed. It's a shame that you all were not so proactive when a canibis factory was set up in the road, if you had perhaps you could have stopped weeks of distress for some residents. We all live busy lives and most of us have two or more cars. There really are more important issues to be solved. Thank you all so much for entertaining me this morning it was hilarious.

    Posted anonymously at 14:06, Tue 21 March 2017

  • Well i guess thats the saftest road going in morden with all the curtain twitchers living there HAHAHAHAHA....or is it the worst who knows who's watching doing what??? Keyboard warriors who know where the guy lives but dont face and a conversation with him?? Hhmmm strange.

    Posted anonymously at 14:48, Tue 21 March 2017

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