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Heavy Traffic Causes House To Shake

Reported in the Roads/highways category by Chris COlford at 20:52, Tue 28 April 2009

Sent to West Dunbartonshire Council 2 minutes later

Because of the increase in bus traffic along East Barns Street and the high speeds that they travel at, my house at 33 constantly shakes violently every time a bus thunders pass. I live just after the speed chicane and l believe this and the condition of the road surface are adding to the problem. The road surface is cracking and very worn, but I think the biggest problem is the speeding busses and the number of busses traveling along Barns and East Barns Street. I have noticed cracking on the outside of my property which I think has also caused damage to my double glazing.
The vibration and shaking is almost constant, and at peak bus times is unbearable. Every room in the house suffers from the shaking but the front upstairs bedroom suffers the most violent shaking when the busses thunder passed at high speed.

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  • Reply from WDC by e-mail, the condition of the road will be investigated ans repairs undertaken as required.
    they are currently investigating the existing traffic calming with the purpose of introducing additional measures to reduce speed and volume.

    They can do nothing regarding the volume of busses travelling on this road because of deregulation.

    In a further e-mail l was informed that the council do not undertake vibration testing on private property, so would have to take the matter up with my Insurance Company, which is funny because until recently my semi detatched property was attatched to a council owned property so I was forced to take WDC insurance.

    All in All a big fat waste of time and e-mail, as usual with WDC nothing will be done.

    Posted by Chris at 14:43, Wed 6 May 2009

  • It has been 4 weeks since the problem was reported to W.D.C. and the road has still not been fixed.

    Posted by Chris COlford at 09:44, Wed 27 May 2009

  • Still open, via questionnaire, 09:44, Wed 27 May 2009

  • March 2010, well finally WDC have done something almost right.
    The whole road has been strengthened, it has taken more than 4 weeks of disruption, but it has been whorth it, no more shake no more vibrations, it has completely changed our lives. We no longer dread any busses passing, no matter the speed nothing. Finally getting to sit in our living room in peace and some quiet, and above all else a good nights sleep. Only one small nag, the road is now lower so the kerb is a lot higher than before, neibhours have complained as we are having difficulty getting in thier driveways.

    Posted by Chris Colford at 23:07, Tue 16 March 2010, marked as fixed

  • Hi Chris

    I have the same problem with thudding when trucks pass the house, where do I start with reporting the problem, to my insurance company or council?

    Can you reply to my e mail address please

    Posted by B Beazley at 20:14, Thu 25 March 2010,

  • We moved into our house about 2 years ago without realising the whole house shakes whenever double decker bus and heavy duty trucks passes every few minutes. What can I do about it? Our 3 storey house is end of terrace & our back yard looks onto this main road (Adelaide Road in NW3). Which dept do I contact in Camden Council and do I need to inform my insurance as I'm sure some of the cracks in the walls are caused by this I'm sure.

    Posted by Deborah Bebbington at 16:38, Fri 7 January 2011

  • Well the shaking is back and now seems worse than ever. The problem now seems to be where the road has been strenghtened and the part of the road not touched, this is where the busses simply thud the difference in road surfaces and its taken some time for the road to settle down so the house is back to shaking. Will need to call enviromental health to see if they can do anything to resolve this problem.

    Posted by chris at 16:55, Thu 17 March 2011

  • I live on the great cambridge road in tottenham N17 and my house constantly shakes when traffic passes which is quite scary for me and my kids. I keep thinking the house is going to fall down. Should I contact my Insurance Company so a surveyor can have a look?

    Posted by Lyn at 08:52, Sun 17 July 2011

  • I live on Bounds Green Road, and like you all mine and my neighbours houses shake with HGV's and Busses especially at night when they really speed. I contacted the highway engineers dept at Haringey council. it helps if you can get 2 or 3 neighbours involved and write in. They relayed some of it and at first was ok but 2 months down the line we are experiencing it again, where the new surface meets the old. We are now re writing in again for the whole strech of raod to be relayed.

    Posted anonymously at 15:19, Thu 23 August 2012

  • Hi everyone, the first place to contact is the council who should at least investigate the problem, l would jold off contacting the insurance company until ALL ELSE fails.


    Posted by chris at 20:03, Thu 23 August 2012

  • My house is on Downhills way N17. Since they renovated the roundabout about 2 years ago and installed a couple of raised pedestrian crossings, I have noticed our house shakes due to passing traffic. It is particularly noticeable in the morning about 5 to 8am. This is because trucks particularly skip carrying truck wiz through the junction early morning with little traffic and on meeting the raise surface, the skip/truck jolts and thumps the ground causing quite noticeable vibration through out the house. I did contact the council but they stated that construction followed all distance regulations regarding the distance of bumps from the house. I am sure that time will start to weaken foundations and even the underground sewer systems. All they have to do is to make raised crossings far more conspicuous or reduce gradient on either side.

    Posted anonymously at 17:34, Tue 13 November 2012

  • To the person on Downhills way, I am not sure which council covers your area, but keep on at your council contact the highway engineers. i have been battling with them for a year! i live on Bounds Green road. They have contacted me and said that they have plans on re laying the road, but at the begining of their tax year as they have no funds!! The problem is our houses are not built to receive vibrations like these and is very worrying. i am begining to get cracks on ceilings. keep writing to your council and dont give up, ask your neighbours to write in too, as numbers really make a difference, invite them into your house so they can experience what you have to put up with. i didnt really know my neighbours until this shaking stated to happen. one of them has now written to our local MP.

    Posted anonymously at 08:26, Wed 14 November 2012

  • Update on Downhills way; I had an Email from the council engineer who stated that they have no funds to do anything . However, it has been noticed that the markings on the raised zebra crossing has faded and they will refresh it with the hope that drivers notice the upfront raised road. Good visible signs shouold make a difference. I will keep here posted.

    Posted anonymously at 14:38, Tue 11 December 2012

  • Carole, Waterlooville, Nr Portsmouth. Thank you; thank you. Since reading this website I have contacted Hampshire County Council and insisted they come out and see the vibration from the road. Having shown the HCC rep the cracks in my kitchen ceiling and stood him by the roadside as a bus went past, they have agreed to close the road and replace the concrete slabs underneath the tarmac that are fractured - NEXT WEEK!! If it had not been for reading this site I would not have thought it possible. So - to all out there - don't stay quiet and think the house is subsiding - check the road. Long reiogn Google for this information and contacts. xx

    Posted by Carole at 08:23, Mon 4 March 2013, marked as fixed

  • I live in Manchester and I have the bendy buses thundering past my house, the vibrations are getting worse. The coincil have identified an electrical trench that 'may' be the problem and have informed Electricity NW. They can do no more it seems, I have had to get onto ENW myself and am awaiting a response as to when they might do this work. The Council have said that if I see a defect they will look at fixing it but other than that theres nothing they can do, they havent got the resources to resurface the road, nor are there any plans to reduce the speed limit or any traffic calming measures- when the heavy buses etc go slower, no vibrations, but they wont even take it on. If the electrical trench being fixed doesnt solve the problem then its tough really is what theyre saying to me

    Posted anonymously at 10:03, Thu 7 March 2013

  • The main road outside my house was dug up for a gas feed into my property in march 2009, since then the gas people have re dug and filled the hole as this patch sunk resulting in my house shaking when large vehicles drove past. The re did it again just after Xmas and a few months later the shaking has started again. I am getting increasingly worried that this may be damaging the foundations also could the gas pipe crack? I have been onto the county council who say the works have been done to speck, I have put in a formal complaint to the gas people and they admit there is a problem but it s down to me to gat a structual engineer. I really don't know where to turn, at the end of the day I just wanted a gas feed, and before this the house didn't shake at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

    Posted by at 13:16, Tue 21 May 2013

  • I have the same prob, busses all day long,no cracks on walls yet,glasses will rattle if you put them next too each other in back room,seems to get worse every day,I've had enough, councillor will get letter now that I'm not the only one out their, Ealing that is

    Posted anonymously at 13:32, Sun 26 May 2013

  • Busses go past my house and it vibrates as well,must write to the council,Ealing that is,bet they say "why don't you move?"& I'm not the only one who's house vibrates,we haven't got front gardens,so were 6' away from road.

    Posted by at 17:03, Wed 29 May 2013

  • Just an update on the procedure regarding Bounds Green Road and Haringey council. We were recently advised that the council is not responsible for paying out large amounts of money - as in relaying large areas of tarmac they can only 'patch' parts of the road, and it is the responsibility of Transport for London (TfL). The council put in a bid to TfL to re tarmac the road but unfortunately TfL refused this. Myself and my neighbours have now been advised by the council to write to our local MP and copied in the head of transport of Haringey council and our Cllr for transport and roads for our area. We have done this and currently awaiting a reply. I would STRONGLY advise that you get your neighbours on board and complain in a group. I started out by posting a letter through my neighbours doors asking them to contact me if they were experiancing the vibration, it was surprising on how many were but hadnt written into the council. Ours is so bad that our houses feel as if we are in an eathquake. Will update again once i have further news, i hope that what i have written so far has been helpful.

    Posted anonymously at 08:36, Thu 30 May 2013

  • I have the same problem. I live on Queenstown Road and there is a large speedbump outside my flat. It's one of those low long ones which does nothing to prevent double deckers and more importantly heavy lorries speeding over them. I have contacted Lambeth council but they referred me to Wandsworth council after 2-3 months of 'investigating'. Now no one is replying.

    Posted by Christopher Binks at 10:11, Tue 18 June 2013

  • I just lived in my house for 6 months now but I never notice when I bought the house that it shake and vibrate when a big bus and lorries pass in front of the house I am worried a lot it might collapse.

    Posted anonymously at 08:33, Fri 1 November 2013

  • Six months passed and Ealing have done nothing still i've spoken to the highway man and he said he look into it still waiting maybe I had to wait until the end of the financial year March next year before they do anything

    Posted by G Morgan at 08:27, Sun 3 November 2013

  • I just contacted Haringey Council yesterday. They really are useless. I live in N17 and the entire road is complaining. I'm sure we can sue! They are insisting the road doesn't need resurfacing but how can this be if the house only shakes when large vehicles drive by at speed?? If they go slowly it's not a problem. Nor are the smaller vehicles. Even smaller vehicles going at speed does not cause much shaking. It's just the larger heavier vehicles that cause more damage. Cracks are definitely developing due to this. Any large vehicle esp the W4 bus driving by at speed is very noticeable! I think we can sue!

    Posted by LS at 22:31, Fri 11 April 2014

  • Just a quick update on Bounds Green Road, after 2 years of constant complaining and being told there is no money for resurfacing, by magic they have found the money this year and resurface the road from Bounds Green Tube station down to to Nightingale Road. Now the traffic outside is much quiter and the house doesnt shake. It's been a long battle. To the person in Tottenham contact Tony Kennedy he is head of the highway dept make sure you have your neighbours on your side as more people you have complaining the more they have to do something about it. if you get no joy then contact the ombudsman at haringey. Good luck

    Posted anonymously at 13:44, Mon 14 April 2014

  • My house and others near me shakes when a bus or waggon drive past at high speed either early morning or late in the evening when the traffic is quite. We contacted the council last year who came out and patched up the road. This helped for a bit but it carries on, we contacted the council who sent out an engineer today who said the road looks fine and we have to prove that's it's the road that is shaking the house for them to do anything! Insurance company said they can't do anything so what else can we do?

    Posted anonymously at 14:15, Tue 20 May 2014

  • In recent months London road stanmore has had a change in traffic speed from 40mph to 30mph. The council had sent the residents a letter indicating the change and new traffic restrictions. Unfortunately the new speed limit sign hasn't been put yet due to which a lot of HGVs go buzzing all through the night probably at national speed limit, which causes a lot of violent trembling in our properties. This scares my son and me. It often wakes us up in a shock at night.I suspect this will eventually cause a lot of structural damage and weaken the base of my house. I understand this is a very important road connecting to many prime locations in harrow, but a proper sign post stating the new speed limit won't hurt. Also a speed camera for checks will be very helpful.

    Posted by And aba at 21:34, Mon 18 August 2014

  • I have owned this property since 1997 and noticed occasionally that the building shook when large vehicles passed the property. I subsequently rented the property and this shake was constantly remarked on by the tenants. I have recently moved back in an noticed large cracks in ceilings and walls which when patched up with filler reappear a few weeks later. Additionally the shake on passing traffic is really severe now especially when in the top front bedroom. I can be in bed and a large truck will make a sturdy bed shake. I am about 8 feet from the main road.

    Posted by roger dussard at 06:21, Thu 8 January 2015

  • I have similar problems with house shaking and it looks like this is a widespread problem in the uk. maybe we should form into a pressure group to opose this damage to property and also environment.

    Posted by cliff at 05:58, Wed 1 April 2015

  • Has anyone tried jacking up the house 1" and sliding 1" thick machine dampening pads on top of the basement walls?

    Posted anonymously at 14:21, Mon 6 April 2015

  • I've just moved into a house that was having road works, therefore slowing the traffic at the time of purchase and prevented me from noticing any vibrations. After they were completed the problems have begun, I'm disabled and they cause me pain while waking up and frightening my daughters.

    Apparently a vendor is legally required to notify you of anything that you wouldn't notice but that would effect your life and comfort over the long run.

    I'm also worried about the increased cracks as it appears the vendors hid them before sale.

    I've written to the council who refused to come out, instead say it's a busy road, refer me to a report and that its up to me to instruct a structural surveyor.

    Can anyone offer any advice please. I've seen the comments about neighbours and will look to contact them but I wondered if anyone has resolved anything like this and are the council duty bound to come out?

    Thank you for any advice

    Posted anonymously at 16:44, Thu 23 July 2015

  • Don't give up, the council gave me the run around. The important thing is get your neighbours on board to complain about the vibrations. Your neighbours may have noticed this for a longer period of time so that might help your case. I insisted on emailing them as they had 'lost' my letter. email is great as you can track when they open and read your mail. Ask the council when the road was last re-laid? if it is a principal road it needs to be up kept as the suspension decreases over time, so if you have heavy traffic and large vehicles then the road decreases and becomes a hard surface without suspension which causes vibrations to houses. Don't give up and good luck.

    Posted anonymously at 08:54, Mon 27 July 2015

  • Our house vibrates at night thanks to the trucks which have been diverted from the M3 during the roadwork period (a Surrey project lasting a couple of years). I wake up nearly every night at 3am and I truly believe that no matter how many times I contact the Maidenhead-Windsor council, they will not agree to install 30mph signs. There are many concealed residential driveways along this road and I'm not the only one who has requested 30mph signs, so I'm not sure why they're ignoring us - it seems quite logical (perhaps these councillors are not logical themselves). Why do we have to put up a fight just to get things done?

    Posted anonymously at 04:38, Wednesday 30 November 2016

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