Bath & North East Somerset District Council

B&NES opted for top-to-bottom case management with the FixMyStreet Pro Avenue package, bringing benefits right across the board.

With the full-featured Avenue package, B&NES made life easier for everyone: customer services staff, inspectors, frontline staff… and of course, their residents.

FixMyStreet has always focused on high usability for citizens making street reports.

Now the same benefits apply to your staff. Developed in partnership with real-life councils, FixMyStreet Pro makes the report fulfilment cycle just as simple, intuitive and useful for council employees, every step of the way.

The lowdown:

B&NES took the easy route in procurement, through GCloud 9 which removes the need for a lengthy period of tendering.

They went for a two year contract, with an expected launch in spring 2018.

What does top-to-bottom case management look like? With Bath and NE Somerset District Council’s implementation of FixMyStreet Pro, it’s clear to see: coherent, user-friendly tools for staff at every tier, and all potential headaches simply averted, thanks to systems that happily talk to each other.

And of course, easier tools for staff make for cost savings at every turn: tasks can be completed more quickly, and time-wasting duplications are removed. Streamlined systems and nifty solutions all help to avoid the common hurdles of street fault management, bringing efficiencies all round.

Cutting expenditure begins with giving your staff the tools to do their jobs quickly and painlessly. So let’s take a look at how FixMyStreet Pro transforms the working environment across the board.

FixMyStreet Pro: Making life easier for…

We’ve removed the pain points for customer services staff, leaving them to concentrate on the more important aspects of their job: keeping residents happy, sending reports up the resolution chain, and making sure inspectors and contractors have all the information they need.

  • No more duplicates – FixMyStreet’s ‘pin in the map’ interface means report-makers can see at a glance whether their issue has been reported before, thus minimising duplicates. If citizens still go ahead and re-report a problem, then B&NES’ customer service workers can simply merge the two reports into one.
  • No more rekeying – B&NES opted for a full-integration package, meaning that FixMyStreet reports go directly into Confirm, their existing case management system, thanks to the Open311 protocol. End result? There’s no need for staff to retype reports into the system, saving hours of tedious activity.
  • Perfect synchronisation – And thanks to this integration, B&NES staff can also be confident that whichever system they’re using when they update a report’s status, that update will be synced across all platforms.
  • Correct allocation of issues – FixMyStreet’s simple interface means that citizens provide high-quality reports with greater accuracy in terms of categories, description and location. That means it’s simple for staff to allocate issues to the right staff upstream, getting it right first time, every time.
Frontline staff begin their day ahead of the game, with high-quality listings passed on from customer services. And the toolkit included in FixMyStreet Pro makes the next steps a doddle, too.

  • Putting things in order – Before they even leave the office, maintenance crew managers will be able to use FixMyStreet Pro to plan their day, dragging reports into the best order for prioritisation or to plan a logical and efficient route.
  • No more paper lists – Within its 136 square miles, B&NES, like many council areas, contains a variety of landscapes from urban to rural — and stable internet access is not always a given. Fortunately, FixMyStreet Pro can be used offline: everything syncs back up again when the inspector returns to a location with better connectivity — so there’s no more need for paper lists that have to be typed up back in the office.
  • Unless you want them! – For phase two of roll-out, we’ve discussed making print-out job sheets that those who prefer paper to screen can consult on their rounds.
  • Precise locations – Now contractors and maintenance crews don’t have to rely on a citizen’s description of where to find a particular street asset. Having added in their own GIS data on, for example, street lights, grit bins and adopted highways, B&NES can guide report-makers to give them the very precise data needed to close in on the job, even to the extent of identifying a particular asset.
All of the benefits described above mean that FixMyStreet Pro will make savings for B&NES, from the very first day of launch. That all adds up to a better budget — and better news to pass on to stakeholders.

  • Better communication – Now, stakeholders across B&NES can gain access to FixMyStreet’s dashboards. With improved internal visibility of service levels within departments and across the organisation, everyone’s on the same page.
  • Improved workflow – FixMyStreet Pro’s simplicity of use, both for citizens and for staff, should dramatically reduce ‘failure demand’: it’s so much easier to fix problems first time, and the ease of updates at every stage keeps everyone informed.
  • Cutting across councils – B&NES can even push reports to parish councils so they can carry out inspection and reporting on the county’s behalf.
  • Set contracts – Unlike many of the big providers, we don’t believe in lengthy contracts, so if circumstances change, you don’t have to give years of notice in order to terminate.
  • No infrastructure costs FixMyStreet Pro is hosted in the cloud, meaning B&NES don’t have to worry about maintenance or applying updates: we do all that at our end.
  • Better news – Citizens have a nice easy interface to use, but better still, they can see at a glance how hard B&NES are working to get things fixed.

Looking to the future

B&NES are now all ready to roll, and will be launching their FixMyStreet Pro service once staff have taken advantage of the training sessions that come as standard with their chosen package.

But there are all sorts of options for the future, too:

  • Spreading the benefits – B&NES have applied FixMyStreet Pro to core teams in Environment, Street Repairs and Waste Management — but there’s plenty of opportunity for expansion to cover services such as Parks, Schools, Housing Associations, or even NHS facilities. Many areas can make use of FixMyStreet’s intuitive reporting functions, and we’re always happy to consider additional requirements particular to their needs.
  • A flexible solution – FixMyStreet Pro will help B&NES adapt to the changing shape of local government, no matter what that looks like. Flexible and scalable, it’ll always be the solution to their needs.
  • Inspiring change – Adopting transparent and streamlined approaches in one stream of council activity often gives ideas to others in the organisation. Once FixMyStreet Pro is up, running and proving itself, it’ll stand as a positive example of what’s possible — and how other services across B&NES might be reimagined.

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