Open standards

Using Open Data standards means that each of your services can talk to each other freely — and that’s the key to unlocking savings

Connect FixMyStreet Pro to each of your existing software and CRM systems for seamless integration: we’ll guide you every step of the way.

We recommend using the Open311 data standard. It brings benefits for you as a council, and it’s great for your residents and developers too.

Read on to discover what Open311 is, why it’s useful and how to get started by connecting your own service to FixMyStreet, for free.

What is Open311?

Open311 is an Open Data standard: in this case, an agreed and common way to format data being sent between different street and environment services.

Open311 fetches a list of acceptable types of report as dictated by you, the council, so that the receiving service can display them as options for the citizen to choose from. Typically, these might be categories such as ‘broken streetlight’, ‘pothole’, ‘graffiti’, etc.

You control which issues can be reported — without incurring additional development costs

Open311 dictates how information that passes between your council’s systems and services like FixMyStreet should be formatted; it also formats dates, times, and locations consistently. For the techies amongst you it works by standard GET and POST HTTP requests that return XML or optionally JSON.

What are the benefits of using Open311?

When a council establishes an Open311 endpoint, anyone can build a service which can send reports directly into your council systems. You can keep everything secure with API keys or log-ins.

In the case of FixMyStreet, this means that with your permission we can submit user reports directly into your CRM, confident that they will be formatted in a way that you can accept, and that they contain all of the information that you need to respond and action within your existing workflow.

Reduce customer service tasks and improve your response times

If you set up your Open311 endpoint to support two-way synchronisation, we can pull information back into FixMyStreet to display the current status of reports, close them down automatically and keep everyone up to date with the same information.

By using Open311 you’re not tied into a single proprietary system; you can easily connect multiple systems and apps together keeping everything synchronised and up to date, or swap services out over time.

How do I get started with Open311 and what does it cost?

Setting up an Open311 endpoint yourself, to provide access to one or more of your current services, shouldn’t take you more than a few days of development: it usually only needs the support of your technical team and some project management time.

We’re happy to give you some advice if you are just getting started, and you can find our full Open311 specification here.

Option 1 – Driveway

Once you have your Open311 endpoint, we can set things up so that you can receive reports for your council area from for free.

We won’t charge you anything for this connection, so the only cost to you is your own internal development time.

Option 2 – Crescent

Our basic FixMyStreet Pro plan is a cloud hosted service, branded to look like part of your own website, with useful tools to help you manage, moderate and respond to reports.

If you choose to set up and run your own Open311 endpoint, you can receive reports from FixMyStreet Pro and directly into your own CRM system.

All you’ll pay for is your own internal time to setup the Open311 endpoint and the annual fee for the FixMyStreet Pro Crescent Plan.

Option 3 – Boulevard and Avenue

Both our fully featured FixMyStreet Pro plans come with multiple system integrations and a fuller suite of customer service, inspection and management tools. With a little assistance from your developers, we’ll establish the Open311 endpoint for you, and comprehensively connect this into each of your existing systems.

Implementing the full version of FixMyStreet Pro gives you the opportunity to reassess the services you use within your customer service and inspection workflows. Indeed, one of the key benefits of FixMyStreet Pro is that it can either replace aspects of your legacy software entirely or simply provide a modern user-friendly front end for your staff.

Setup normally takes a minimum of three or four weeks’ work from your technical team, some dedicated project management and the wider involvement of your internal users.

All integration costs are included within the annual fee for either the Boulevard or Avenue plans.

See a full overview of the plans and pricing in How to buy

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