Fully integrated

We'll fit in with whatever services you have in place today.

FixMyStreet Pro can connect to existing services such as Confirm, MS Dynamics, Exor and Mayrise, providing seamless integration and improving customer workflow.

If you’ve spent time managing or working with council IT systems, you’ll know that they can often be difficult to use, out of date — at worst, a jumble of different services that don’t always play nicely with one another.

Over time, this can result in some unfavourable outcomes: duplication of effort, report rekeying, miscommunication — or issues being missed altogether.

FixMyStreet Pro does away with all that and provides a simple, modern, user-centred software solution that plugs into the systems you’ve already invested in. Best of all, it provides the opportunity to simplify and redesign your existing set-ups.

You might even be able to get rid of some of your current legacy software — or at least bypass the less user-friendly parts.

We built FixMyStreet Pro to be flexible, so no matter what combination of services you use, it can work with your existing workflow.

Our promise: we’ll cover the costs of integrating FixMyStreet Pro into your current service

FixMyStreet Pro introduces a modern citizen-centred experience into your service suite. We can integrate as standard with most common street management, CRM, GIS and asset management services — and we have plenty of experience plugging into custom in-house software.

We can also integrate existing council asset registers and datasets; for instance, displaying streetlight locations on the map when residents select a lighting category means that they’ll submit more accurate and detailed reports.

Standard Integrations



Microsoft Dynamics

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