FixMyStreet Pro staff user accounts

Now you know how FixMyStreet works from the residents’ point of view, it’s time to look at how staff can access and use the admin tools.

Logging in

Council staff accounts are managed by Administrator-level users.

Contact your Administrator/s if you encounter any problems logging in, or any other aspect of account management.

How to log in

Go to your council’s FixMyStreet installation, click on ‘sign in’, and enter your council email address.

You’ll be invited to enter your password if you already have one (i.e, if you have an existing FixMyStreet account associated with this email address). If not, go to ‘No, let me sign in by email’.

Decide on a password and enter it in the password box, then click ‘sign in’. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided.

Password security

Your password must contain 6 or more characters, and must not be one of the most commonly used combinations (such as ‘Password’ or ‘123456’). Your council may also have password policies which you are expected to abide by.

Two-factor authentication

Any staff user can choose to set up two-factor authentication on their account. To do this, they will need an app on their phone that can generate time-based authentication keys, such as Google Authenticator or a password manager. Then. they can visit their account page on the site and select ‘Activate two-factor authentication’ to receive a QR code to scan with the app.

If you wish your organisation to have mandated two-factor authentication, please get in touch.

How to log out

Click on ‘Your account’ in the top menu, then click ‘Sign out’. If you are using a device or computer that is shared with others, we advise always logging out at the end of your session.

Changing your password

You can change your password at any time by clicking on ‘Your account’ in the top menu bar.

Permissions and Roles

Staff accounts can be assigned a variety of permissions or roles, depending on each team member’s needs or responsibilities. Permissions can be combined in any way, grouped into custom roles, or applied individually.

Some common staff roles and the appropriate permissions are shown in the table below, but you can tailor your permissions and roles to best reflect your team’s operations.

Customer Services Inspectors Internal maintenance teams Administrators
View all reports across the council area Yes Yes Yes Yes
View a single report Yes Yes Yes Yes
Acknowledge a report Yes Yes Yes Yes
Provide an update on a report No Yes Yes Yes
Create reports on another user’s behalf Yes Yes No Yes
Prioritise a report No Yes Yes Yes
Moderate a report Yes No No Yes
Hide a report Yes No No Yes
Update a report’s status No Yes Yes Yes
Ask for more information No Yes Yes Yes
Use template responses No Yes Yes Yes
Create template responses No No No Yes
Make a shortlist No Yes Yes Yes
View reports offline No Yes Yes Yes
Manage staff accounts No No No Yes
Set categories No No No Yes
Access dashboard: summary, timeline, stats Yes Yes Yes Yes
Set priority parameters No No No Yes