FixMyStreet Pro user manual

Welcome to the FixMyStreet Pro user manual. This guide aims to help you understand how to use FixMyStreet Pro as a staff user, as well as from the perspective of a member of the public.

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What is FixMyStreet Pro?

FixMyStreet Pro is the fully integrated version of FixMyStreet, the UK’s most popular place-based problem reporting service for citizens, and the only reporting solution capable of automatically routing reports to other authorities across the UK.

This is FixMyStreet Pro

History and background

FixMyStreet Pro is a service for councils, public bodies and highways agencies run by SocietyWorks. The service grew out of the website FixMyStreet, which was set up in 2007 by civic technology charity mySociety, to which SocietyWorks belongs. Still running today, FixMyStreet ​makes it simple for any citizen to report a public street issue, such as graffiti, broken streetlights, unsafe paving, highways maintenance or potholes. It covers the whole of the UK.

Reports made through FixMyStreet are published on the website and sent — primarily by email — to the correct UK council for resolution. Councils do not need to have purchased FixMyStreet Pro in order to receive these reports, but FixMyStreet Pro adds enhanced functionality for staff users, as well as the ability to integrate a tailored version of FixMyStreet on the council website as their fault reporting interface.