External import

You may inject problem reports into FixMyStreet programatically using this simple interface. Upon receipt, an email will be sent to the address given, with a link the user must click in order to check the details of their report, add any other information they wish, and then submit to the council.

This interface returns a plain text response; either SUCCESS if the report has been successfully received, or if not, a list of errors, one per line each starting with ERROR:.

You may submit the following information by POST to this URL (i.e. https://www.fixmystreet.com/import ):

Required. Name of application/service using this interface.
Unique ID of a user/device, for possible future use.
(e.g. used by Flickr import to know which accounts to look at)
Required. Subject of problem report.
Main body and details of problem report.
Required. Name of problem reporter.
Required. Email address of problem reporter.
Telephone number of problem reporter.
easting / northing
lat / lon
Location of problem report. You can either supply eastings/northings, or WGS84 latitude/longitude.
Photo of problem.