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Pineapple Road Problems

Reported anonymously at 18:05, Mon 29 June 2015

For those who don't know, this is a No Through Road - with Stony Dean School situated at the far end. The school doesn't have any private access facility, so all the vehicles coming and going (including staff, visitors, delivery trucks and fleets of taxis ferrying the kids back and forth) cause considerable delays throughout the weekdays. Pineapple Road isn't a particularly wide road either, and were it not for parked cars being propped up on the verge on one side, a lot of the larger trucks (and emergency service vehicles) simply wouldn't make it. Add to this all the cars parked by the visitors to the business park adjacent to Pineapple Road and you have a very congested - and potentially hazardous - street from Monday through to Friday. Many of these vehicles completely obstruct the footpath at the White Lion Road end, causing everyone - particularly parents with young children and the elderly and disabled - to put their safety at risk by having to use the road itself in order to get past. Whilst I appreciate that this is a public road, common sense has to prevail when it comes to dealing with obvious safety concerns. The local council and police should be taking more of an interest in a problem that has been getting steadily worse in recent years. Three relatively straightforward actions would go some way to reducing these risks: 1) The companies based in the White Lion Road business park need to assume some responsibility by discouraging their employees and visitors from parking in Pineapple Road. They have a very large on-site car park of their own anyway, but if it does become completely full then their employees and visitors should be asked to park on White Lion Road itself, which has no parking restrictions in their immediate vicinity. 2) Stony Dean School also needs to be more aware of the impact their deliveries, taxis, staff and visitors have on the local community. Often these vehicles travel along Pineapple Road at speeds clearly well in excess of 30mph. During their recent extensive building works (which increased traffic flow even further), the school did absolutely nothing in terms of communicating with local residents or apologising for the inconvenience caused. Whilst Pineapple Road remains their only route of access, the school has a duty to riase awareness that this is a residential area, and appeal for all their visitors to show more consideration towards their neighbours. 3) Why can't Orchard End Avenue be opened up as a one-way access for cars only at the junction of White Lion Road? At some point this small piece of land was designated Private, yet were the bollards to be removed, this would alleviate the pressure on Pineapple Road considerably. It seems ridiculous that it remains closed off when current traffic demands dictate otherwise.



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