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Dangerous Road

Reported anonymously at 13:44, Thu 16 November 2017

The site entrance at the bottom of The Long Shoot, near the Harvester pub, is a disgrace. The road on both sides of The Long Shoot is covered in mud and dust. I have just tried to turn into right into my house, and the amount of mud on the road has caused me to go into a skid. Luckily I was only breaking gently. Before long with the amount of traffic that is using this road there is going to be a serious accident. If someone had need to break hard and quickly they would just go skidding into another vehicle. Lets hope its not one of the many large lorries that uses this road. At the site entrance they have a vehicle wash, it's not doing anything, just creating a river of mud and muck onto the pavement and road. The developers are paying 'lip service' to the council. They are not addressing the problems. The road and pavement needs properly cleaning, not that ridiculous 'road cleaner' they are using, it is just putting more water on the road. The walk way between the keep left signs in the middle of the road to aid pedestrians is filthy. It has never been cleaned. Stones and clumps of mud are banging up against the sides of cars. It is an absolute disgrace on The Long Shoot. Please send someone up from the council to make the developers address the problems PROPERLY.



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