Information for councils

What is FixMyStreet?

FixMyStreet is an independent web service run by the charity mySociety to make it easier for anyone to report a problem in their local area without needing to have any knowledge of council boundaries or responsibilities.

What can people report via FixMyStreet?

Ultimately, that’s up to you. We can send you a list of the categories we hold for your council, and the email addresses we have for each of them. We’re happy to make any changes that would make it easier for you to handle reports from FixMyStreet.

Where do you send FixMyStreet reports?

Reports are sent to you by email. We do our best to ensure they go to the right place at each council. If there’s a better contact address for the reports you are receiving, tell us by emailing If you would prefer to receive reports directly into your existing management systems, see the ‘How can FixMyStreet connect directly with council systems?’ section below.

How do we reply to FixMyStreet reports?

Replies to each email report will go directly into the report-maker's inbox. They will also be sent to anyone who has subscribed to the report. Your reply is not published on the FixMyStreet website (unless you use FixMyStreet Pro, which displays responses to help close the feedback loop).

Is there a way I can view data on reports sent to us via FixMyStreet?

Yes, you can explore detailed stats from our dashboard for councils — for free. Request access using your email address here:

FixMyStreet does not include all the data we need in its reports

If you need to receive extra data that isn’t currently included in the report, let us know what’s missing by emailing

FixMyStreet routinely includes the following information in its reports:

  • User's name, email address, and, if given, phone number
  • Report category [you, the council, may dictate these]
  • Report title and description
  • Easting & northing, latitude & longitude
  • Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps)
  • Nearest postcode to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated)
Do we have to receive email reports from FixMyStreet?

When FixMyStreet first launched in 2007 it was in response to many councils not offering an easy-to-use online reporting service. Many citizens still prefer FixMyStreet because of its simplicity and because it removes the need for them to know which council is responsible for what problem.

These days FixMyStreet acts as a national reporting platform, bringing all of the local authorities and government organisations together on one system, triaging reports between councils at all levels, highways agencies and housing associations.

Local authorities no longer need to receive reports from FixMyStreet via email, because there are now several ways to connect with the service so that reports drop directly into your existing system(s).

How can FixMyStreet connect directly with council systems?

FixMyStreet can be connected with your existing system(s) in a number of ways:

  1. You can do this yourself (for free) using our Open311 API.
  2. We can build and maintain the integration for you (carries an annual fee).
  3. You can become a FixMyStreet Pro user. FixMyStreet Pro is a more advanced version of FixMyStreet, which seeks to eliminate the significant costs councils incur from duplicate reporting, unnecessary contact and failure demand (we have the stats to prove it!).

As a charity, our goal is to help improve services for citizens and local authorities. If you would like some help connecting FixMyStreet to your own system(s), please send an email to