Weird and Wonderful reports

Here are some of the best or strangest reports we’ve seen on FixMyStreet. They’ve all been fixed, and in one case could have saved lives! Do let us know if you find any more.

  • Dumped Piano (right)

    The reporter of this problem summed it up with their report, which consisted solely of the one character “!”. — Problem report

  • Mad Seagull

    “A seagull is attacking various cars within this road. He starts at around 05:45 every morning and continues until around 19:30. This causes a lot of noisy banging and wakes up children.” — Problem report

  • Boxes full of cheese dumped (right)

    “About a dozen boxes full of mozzarella cheese have been dumped opposite 3 rufford street. if it warms up we could have nasty road topping problem (seriously there is a lot of cheese)” — Problem report

  • Dangerous Nivea Billboard

    “The Nivea 'Oxygen is a wonderful thing' billboard here has a device on it releasing bubbles and foam. This is blowing into the road which is both distracting and dangerous to drivers. A large ball of foam hit my windscreen unexpectedly and nearly caused me to have an accident” — Problem report