FixMyStreet for Councils

Reliable fault-reporting and case management for councils, based on the nation’s most popular service,

Since 2007, FixMyStreet’s user-centric design has given UK citizens an easy, intuitive way to report street issues. That same focus on usability is reflected in the management interface for council staff, working in tandem with your existing systems. The result? Happy residents and happy colleagues.

Digital excellence

FixMyStreet was co-designed with council insiders. We made it into the most user-centred, accessible approach to non-emergency issue reporting available today. And now it’s the leader in its class.

Minimise duplication

FixMyStreet’s open and transparent approach to local issue reporting that reduces incidents of repeat and duplicate reports. Residents who go to report an issue that’s already in your database will see the existing report, along with a progress report showing how near it is to a fix.

Reduce operating costs

FixMyStreet intelligently routes problems to where you want them. Allocate the correct person, team, authority or contractor for each type of report, based on any combination of location, category and priority.

Stay flexible

FixMyStreet is open standards compliant. That gives you complete customer flexibility to work with additional contractors at any time. Integrate other services as and when you need them, and provide additional functionalities to your residents.

Bring your own

You’ve already invested in mapping, asset, customer and case management services. FixMyStreet slots right in with your existing portfolio, so you can continue to use the systems your team knows and trusts.

Streamline your process

FixMyStreet is the first case-management service designed with councils, for councils. It streamlines your processes right through from customer service, to inspection, instruction and resolution.

Expand your reach

Users can make a report via your own website, or on — and either way, those that fall within your council boundaries will be published on both sites. This extends your services to our 1 million+ visitors per year — and offers a public display of the often-hidden work you are doing to keep your area in good shape.

Complete control

FixMyStreet gives you and your team an at-a-glance snapshot, or a deeper picture of performance. Track service levels, highlight bottlenecks and monitor contracts with area dashboards, accessible only to staff.

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Works with

Asset management

Geographic Information Systems


Basic FixMyStreet integration

£7,500 per year

The award-winning FixMyStreet experience seamlessly integrated with your site. A responsive web application for reporting, viewing and discussing problems - branded to match your site’s styles and templates. Use FixMyStreet for Councils to keep your residents up to date and route problems by email to the correct individual or team. The internal dashboard eanbles you to manage performance.

Case‐management integration

£15,000 per year

Our award-winning reporting solution – your existing processes and systems. We’ll integrate FixMyStreet into your customer, case or asset management system ensuring that there’s minimal impact on your organisation. Accept reports, automatically publish updates and reports from other channels via your existing tools, directly onto FixMyStreet.

Supported services include: Confirm, Mayrise, MS Dynamics and Exor. If you use an alternative service or your own internal system we’ll scope and implement additional support via our Specialist Cloud Service.

Top‐to‐bottom case‐management

£35,000 per year

Starting from zero? Want a completely new system from beginning to end? Then opt for the full-service option.

Use FixMyStreet to manage reports every step of the way. This system handles everything, from acknowledgement, through inspection to contractor instruction or resolution. Each element was co-designed with local government insiders who know exactly what’s needed for clear, simple highways parks and street case management.

Optional extras

Mobile application

£4,500 per year

Companion iOS and Android app (other platforms available by negotiation) with council branding to match your new FixMyStreet based reporting service.

Bring your own, or we can provide

Custom map tiles

£1,500 per year

FixMyStreet comes with OpenStreetMap/Bing geographical base maps as standard. But for a completely unique look, or to key in with your existing mapping visuals, we can support the industry standard WMS maps of your choice.

Custom geocoding

£1,500 per year

Transforming an address into a point on a map: it’s called geocoding, and we utilise Bing, OpenStreetMap and Google’s services as standard. But if you have your own geocoding system, we can integrate that to ensure a precise location for a given postcode, address or place name.

Asset locations

£3,500 per year or included as standard within our top‐to‐bottom case‐management service.

Show your residents the locations, identifiers and status of assets right on the map — all they have to do is pick the right one. Compatible with any industry standard WFS or WMS service.

Adopted roads

£3,500 per year or included as standard within our top‐to‐bottom case‐management service.

Ensure that you only receive reports for roads that you actually manage. Highlight adopted roads and private estates at the point of report creation, saving valuable time, expense and irritation. Compatible with any industry standard WFS or WMS service.

Planned works

£3,000 per year or included as standard within our top‐to‐bottom case‐management service.

Publish your planned works alongside reports to keep residents informed and lower the incidence of unnecessary reporting. Support for Elgin’s or any industry standard WFS or WMS service.

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